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Meet our team!


Katie Riley

Director of Religious Education and Children's Ministry

Katie Riley, our Director of Religious Education, has been with us for many years at SPP! Many of you will recognize her from her years of singing at Sunday Mass, running our Children's Ministry, and creating our vibrant Faith Formation program. We are thrilled to have Katie lead our virtual program this year!

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Brian Walters

Director of Music Ministry and Liturgies

Brian is the Director of Music & Liturgy at Ss Peter and Paul in Hoboken. Through vibrant and accessible music, singing can become a family language that can joyfully engage topics of faith within the home. Music also serves as nutrients for the seedlings of learning, and invites children and parents to grow together in love. 

"Sing, sing a song. Let the world sing along. Sing of love there could be; sing for you and me."



Drama Minister

Hello everyone! My name is Sam and I am an elementary school teacher in New Jersey! I have been teaching first grade for the past three years and I love my job. I also love participating in community theater productions and singing! Working with the Drama Ministry has been an amazing experience and I am so excited to continue our family sessions! 

Amanda Thomas.png

Amanda Thomas

Drama Minister

Amanda loves to act, sing, dance, and is currently working toward her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She recently had the opportunity to teach abroad for six months in Beijing, China. Amanda has been involved as a drama minister for three years and loves the opportunity to share God’s message of love to others.



Drama Minister

Emma is an artist and educator with a big passion for working with young people. She is so excited to keep spreading love and silliness with the SPP Faith Formation team!

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Amanda Rose

Drama Minister




Drama Minister




Drama Minister




Drama Minister


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